The Blank Paper Challenge
Fedrigoni / Mood: Memorable, Sensory, Minimal

Fedrigoni, a company specialized in high quality paper with different colors, textures and weights, invited us to create a campaign for the poetic world of paper: a journey for the senses in which we explored the frontier of creativity, where the main tool was our own imagination.

Each of the pieces created explored the creative possibilities of the paper.

Focusing especially on that first approach: the blank canvas. Therefore, both the design of the set and the event communication were part of something very sensorial, thanks to the participation of artists such as: Victoria Gómez, Efrén Murcia, Dos Bcn, Antonio Arribas, Sau-Ching Wong and Octavi Serra. While the design of the labels highlighted the doodles, sketches and drafts, were we consider are the first steps towards creation.

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