Zara Oriental-Fruity and Femme-Black
Moods: Minimal, Classical, Delicate

“Keep it simple, Keep it Honest” Based on Zara's minimalist essence, we have developed a female frangrance set where the main objective was to align the different olfactory families: Oriental-Fruity and Femme-Black Amber, in two different duo sets. Oriental and Fruity are soft floral fragrances, with citrus and sweet accents. Following the essences, the outer packaging design has a delicate and feminine character with a clean and sophisticated look. By contrast, Femme and Black Amber fragrances correspond to an eastern line with a fine spicy aroma, perfect for the day and also at night. The set design combination of black matte contrasted with ribbons in metallic inks, makes it the perfect gift for a classical and modern woman.

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